Comfort and Style in the Ram ProMaster

When you're looking for a cargo van that is not only fully functional, but comfortable to drive as well, consider the Ram ProMaster. Equipped with a wide variety of features, you'll be able to choose options that fit your driving needs.

Whether you drive in the mountains often or tow heavy loads, you'll appreciate the Electronic Rain Select that lets you choose the optimal gear for your driving conditions. Engine braking can help you save your brakes on long down hills. 

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Dodge Challenger Performance Features

The performance of the latest Dodge Challenger is unparalleled in its class. Top-ranked for acceleration and horsepower, the Challenger has several impressive trims that provide a range for those drivers who are looking for something fast verses those who want to literally break the speed of sound. This is because there is an all-new trim that everyone is dying to get into with the latest Challenger.

At the base, Challenger has a V6 engine that produces 372 horsepower. This isn’t that bad, and you can upgrade for a little bit more power to the Hemi. 

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You Have Choices With the Dodge Journey

When you purchase a Dodge Journey, you have choices. Different engines, infotainment options and exterior outer style packages are just some of the many options you have when you consider what type of features you may want. Once you have picked just the right Dodge Journey, you will have the perfect ride.

For a stylish impact on the highway, the available Blacktop Package has several black accents for the exterior. A black grille and black lower front fascia lend a sophisticated and imposing effect to the front of the vehicle. 

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Using the Body of the Dodge Charger for Protection

The Dodge Charger is good looking in a classic sort of way. On the hood, you'll discover a working scoop that sucks in air to help cool the engine. The sides rely on aerodynamic lines to get you the most efficient drive on the highway, and the rear sports a spoiler that maximizes downforce to plant your rear wheels firmly on the road.

The body is especially designed to protect all riders. High-strength steel liberally comprises the solid safety frame. 

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Transport Your Family in Style and Safety in the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Looking to purchase your first hybrid vehicle but worried about knowing how and when to utilize the features to get the most efficiency out of your vehicle? Relax and check out the all-new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. This stunning Chrysler minivan is ranked one of the best in its class, and below are two reasons why:

  • Hybrid Coach - The Pacifica Hybrid comes with a built-in tool that will let the driver know when they are driving outside of the vehicle's optimal fuel efficacy range. 
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Endure All Kinds of Weather in the Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass knows how to keep you and your passengers comfortable, with a five-seat interior that boasts available leather trim, a dual-panel sunroof for welcoming the sky, and wireless connections to your smartphone via Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®. This compact also gets you where you want to go with step-by-step navigation and all-weather protection.

When rain hits the windshield, the available rain-sensing wipers engage automatically so the front view stays clear. In the winter, the windshield wiper de-icer uses built-in heating to melt snow and frost. 

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Where are Transfer Cases Located?

Typically, 2-wheel drive vehicles are widespread and useful, but they have their limitations when it comes time for them to operate in less than perfect road conditions. To make up for these limitations, car makers include 4-wheel drive capabilities with selected vehicles. These hybrid vehicles often contain special components that are called transfer cases.

Transfer cases work by taking torque from regular transmissions and converting it into power for each tire. In order to do their jobs properly, these components need to have access to the innards of regular transmissions. 

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Worn Tires Can Cause Accidents: Repair or Replace Yours Today!

The truth is tires can lose their ability to grip the road and divert water long before they’re worn out. Bad treads are an accident that's waiting to happen. At any given moment, nearly half the trucks and cars on the road have worn tire treads.

The possibility of an accident increases on wet roads where there isn’t enough tire tread left to divert water away from the tire. The result is a condition called hydroplaning where a vehicle can easily spin out of control and place the driver and others at risk. 

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Fluid Maintenance Protects Your Car Long-Term

Regular fluid maintenance on your vehicle will help maintain the car's prime condition for longer. You need to change the fluids in your vehicle every so often, and if you fail to change the fluids, you could end up with a vehicle that is no longer driveable.

Fluid changes in your vehicle are not just limited to oil. The oil is very important for the car and standard oil changes will help to protect the gears in the car as well as maintain the motor. The transmission fluid should be changed every so often to make sure that the…

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Check Out the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the Bondurant Drag Race Program!

We have known, since its inception, that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was a powerful vehicle in every respect. Whether you are talking about acceleration, horsepower, torque, or handling this vehicle blows away the competition!

Just check out this video where the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon participates in the Bondurant Drag Race Program – the official drag racing school of Dodge.

As you can see, this vehicle is an incredible display of power and capability.

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